Thursday, April 8

Easter weekend

I had all 4 days off over Easter. Timmy and I, plus two of our lovely houseys went road tripping to my folks place in Wagga. We relaxed, cooked, ate, camped, went horse riding, tree climbing, walking, sunset watching, egg hunting and read in the sun and cooked from a fire. I love getting out of the city, looking up and breathing in. It was warm enough to sleep under the stars. Whenever we are in the country we dream of moving there.
The weekend in photos:

It's rained recently so the earth looks like cracked chocolate easter eggs and I found my country girl hat. The eggs are from my parents chooks, the bowl has the ingrediants of my mum's easter cake in it, the world is being looked at through Ruski's (the dog) and Silver's (the horse) ears respectivly. The two stunning red sunset pictures were taken by Bek.


  1. Those sunset photos are absolutely STUNNING! WOW WOW WOW!

  2. Your photos are unbelievable! Really gorgeous.


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