Monday, March 22

5 favourite things.

I am playing along with Meet Me at Mikes meme for this week.
My 5 favourite things this week past have been:

1. Music: Broken Bells Listen to it here. OH my gosh! This is a mix of Danger Mouse (the DJ not cartoon character) and James Mercer - frontman of The Shins. It is SO FLIPPIN GOOD that I absolutly have to capitalize and I usually hate that.

2. Blog: I love many blogs but I have been particularly enjoying pottymouthmama this week. She makes me laugh, and I love how truthful she is in her posts.
3. Meal: I took myself out for brunch the other day. It was awesome having some alone time (a rare treat to be honest) to read a book in a cafe, enjoy eggs poached on bread I wouldn't normally buy and people watch.
4. Moment: Snuggled up on the couch with my housey talking about being in love.
5. Post from the past: When I was re-doing my blog last week I came across old posts that were lovely to read again.

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