Sunday, January 24

Some photos this internet has kindly let me upload:
1) We saw a solar eclipse at 8am one morning in Kasese.
2) Timmy and I crossing the equator on our bicycles - we ate a celebratory pineapple!
3) In Queen Elizabeth national park we took a 3 hour boat safari to soak up the hippo, buffalo and bird life there.
4) That is a rather spectacular sunset over the Nile, where we stayed 2 nights agi.

I am so pleased to have been able to get some photos up here! I only have one of the many memory cards with me at the net cafe and the internet is incredibly slow so I just had to select a couple to wet your taste buds!!! My feeling is you will have to wait till I am home before I can bombard you with some of the several thousand photos taken!

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