Friday, January 15

cycling tour day 3

An early rise and some anxiety as to whether we would get on a chimp tracking tour. While we waited we walked on the road we cycled yesterday, soaking up the forest properly and waiting for the butterflys to wake up.
Into the jungle with our guide Edison. As seems to often be the case we make a lucky pair, as we quickly came upon chimpanzee's. Just the two of us with our guide meant that we did some real proper bush bashing, pushing through trees and vines - following the amazing creatures on the ground of the forest.
I can not describe what it was like to be surrounded by animals so similar to myself. We got caught in the middle of a fight / hunt and followed through the midst of it. Surrounded by chimps screaming, running, buttress drumming even. Then later resting, babies playing, grooming each other and staring us right in the eyes and turning uninterestedly away. Our mouths open with amazed smiles, hearts pumping. we couldn't believe our eyes. It was actually a very emotional experience which may seem strange, and it felt strange for me.
Cycling back to our next accomodation was the most grueling two hours. Up and up steep long mountain sides on dirt track. By the end though we were so flipping proud of ourselves. Where we stay tonight is next to a crater lake you can swim in, 400Ms deep. We dived straight in to the beautiful cool water. Not many Ugandans can swim so they thought us quite funny. Now walking, showering, drinking (cooler - yay for refridgeration!) beer we soak up this little slice of tropical paradise.

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