Friday, January 15

cycling tour day 2

Magical rain forest. First monkey sightings as we flash through cool patches of air - like the warms patches you find in the sea.
We cycled a long way today all on gravel road. All hilly.
Fort Portal was a challenge in patience (africa timing) and poverty and mental health. A boy with no words in English or Lugandan and almost no clothes standing hand outstretched for money and then masturbating in public next to me. I left, feeling quite shaken.
We climbed up some ridiculously steep hills - made more so by the weight of panniers, which we are still getting used to, and rocky roads, all with breathtaking (literally) views at the top. Rows of tea, cassava, banana (matoke) and strangely gum trees, which leave us with an odd sense of home as we flash through the smell of them.
Rattily clad children wave and shout but the ones that live on steep hills miss out on our returned greetings.
In Kibale national park there are flocks, droves of gorgeous butterflys. Tonight we sleep on the edge of the forest in a mud made, grass roofed round hut, with candles and jerry cans of water. Strangely the girl carrying the lantern also talked on a mobile phone and awesomely the guy riding the jerry can of water on his bicycle had it stoppered with a sweet potato!
Nest weaver birds are going bezerk all around us and we are drinking luke warm beer.


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