Friday, December 4

Hong Kong

Is amazing and overwhelming. We have shopped and shopped. The fashion here is great. Tim and I have both been swept up in it, and the cheapness of everything.  I am still completely un-anamoured with Chinese food. I hoped that being here would change my mind but i find it salty, greasy and gross. Being vegetarian doesn't help, it has to be said... Highlight so far has been visiting the outer island of Cheung Chau. Wow. Totally different feel to the rest of HK. Like a beach town, and almost Mediterranean! Hong Kong is so different to anything I have ever experienced - it is a city of the night, it feels crowded and safe, friendly and a little bit pushy, very international, the public transport is fantastic and the parks are beautiful havens for Feng Shui and tai chi, birds, trees and ponds. A surprise has been seeing eagles (or may be hawks) circling the towering sky scrapers... pictures to come soon..

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