Friday, December 4

Travel, day 4.

Here we are. I still can't really believe it. I haven't been to work in 5 days. I'm on holidays! Today has been a bit of a nothing day, or as Caz and I called it on our European adventure many years ago, a "park day". We jammed so much in to the last 2 days (like ALL of Hong Kong it feels) that we have both hit the wall. So here I sit in an internet cafe. Surrounded by Chinese boys kicking the crap out of virtual robots/dinosaurs/Nazi spies or whatever. It feels kinda cheeky doing not much when you're in a different country, but we have reminded ourselves that we are on holiday as well. We aren't getting another one like this for a while, and the point is to relax and soak it in as well as run around seeing amazing other bits of the World. We have taken 500 photos, been offered several thousand suits, copy watches, copy handbag, foot massage, Indian meals all in the space of 2 1/2 days.
I wish I could put some photos up, but it will have to wait until England...
Gosh! I see my two bestest friends in the whole wide world tomorrow (after a grueling flight) I am THIS (and then some) excited.
Tim and I are working well together. Sometimes he knows exactly where we are, sometimes I do (I have a 6th sense for where North is). Sometimes I hit the wall with overwhelmed tiredness and he steers me to a food joint that I'll eat at (did I mention vego is hard here?!), sometimes I say - okay lets just tuck ourselves over here now and work out what we are going to do. Today we split up for a bit while I had a massage (an odd experience - and right now I think I'm in more pain than when I started...eek) he wandered around with my iPod having a chill to some music. I think that is going to be an important thing to do every now and again. Take time out to get some space and digest for ourselves. Though that said, Tim pointed out how much more adventurous he feels with a travel partner. It means we can go - oh lets look down that laneway or up that winding staircase, because we have each others backs, and a hand to hold.


  1. Ah what an adventure you are on. I'm loving watching your journey from the sidelines.... enjoy!


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