Monday, October 5


I had a most wonderful Sunday. Because my angel was away I slept in late! He's not a big sleeperinera and is want to start squirming any time after 9am.
I cleaned our room and marvelled at the sheer quantity of hair that comes off my head! (overshare? - sorry) Organised all the shelves and found the book of our wedding cards. They were so lovely to read.
In the evening I went out with some lovely girlfriends. I don't really hang out with girls very often, but these 4 are precious, beautiful and fun. We went and saw Vivian Girls at this too cool warehouse down the road from me. It was extremely dodgy and loud and packed. Beers where $4 and there was so much people watching to be had! The most indie of indie kids and some other randoms thrown in for good measure. (what is it with guys and mustaches at the moment? yuck.) The support band where quite crap (wannabe Sonic Youth - who I don't like anyway), but the Vivian girls where wicked. Every guy in the room wanted to make out with them, every girl wanted to be as cool as them! They have beautiful tats, and groovy hair and are full of tuuuude, and play their instruments very well.

We were all so buzzy from the gig that we ran through the puddles home, and were inspired to whip out a whole packet of sparklers and dance with them in the back garden. How wonderful are sparklers?! I love their smell and how they light up peoples faces in the dark! We sobered up with 2 pots of french earl grey tea, and lengthy chats into the wee hours.


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