Monday, October 5

blog fail

so....embarrasing.  A funny thing happepned to me the other day. I just started this blog right. And I haven't really told many people about it, but one person I did tell is a chap called Lucas. He was interested in reading about this discussion I've been having with a mutual friend. So I told him about my blog. Well, about 2 days later someone called Lucas commented on another post of mine. I was suprised that my friend Lucas hadn't told me he had a blog as well, so I went and read it, and it kinda sounded like him, in that they seemed to be Australian, they clearly write very well (my friend Lucas is a literature student), they were a guy, their name was Lucas... what  more do you need really???
So I read lots of the blog and leave comments here and there which to a complete stranger would probably read as being very forward... but to a friend was fine. Anyway, as I'm sure you have guessed when I talked to my friend Lucas he definatly was baffled about me thinking he had a blog. It was pure coincidence that a person called Lucas commented on my blog just a day or so after I told my friend Lucas about it. Anyway, Lucas' blog is still very cool to read, and I still think he writes beautifully, but I think he should know that i am not actually as outgoing and extraverted as he may think I am...

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  1. haha it's an amusing turn of events, not a hard conclusion to jump to either. just call me a friendly stranger with an affinity for well designed pillow cases and no formal training whatsoever for this useless drabble of mine...


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