Tuesday, November 4

Bump - 24 weeks

6 months!!! Amazing! Ridiculous! Weird! Crazy! All those things.

So many little people have been born since I last wrote! Molly, Marley, Tilly, Allegra, Lachlan, Hunter and just today Fleur! It makes my heart go crazy emotional to think our little person will arrive soon too! Now there's only two more sets of friends due before we are... (serious lack of women in the workforce next year right??!)

We bought a *sensible family car*, which technically the ute was meant to be, but then we thought about how tiny the back is and getting a car seat in there, and how high the tray is and getting a pram up there, and how there aren't any airbags... hmmm... Anyway it's seriously going to damage our country cred getting rid of the big old ute, but it's the most spiffo car either of us have owned. Electric windows baby!

Apart from that things are slowly falling into place, little person has been dubbed littlefoot for now and we can even see movement through my clothes! Plus people keep telling me I'm glowing, which is always nice.


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