Monday, October 13

Bump - 21 weeks

Over half way! Baby (yes, we do know the sex, no, I'm not putting it on the internet, yes, I will tell you face to face) is a total ninja! I actually got kicked in the lung today! My frock was sent in a gorgeous care package from a sweet friend who is about to have her first baby too - I'm all about the stretchy dresses from now on I reckon. We've also received some of the most lovely gifts from family and friends. There's a rapidly growing pile for BabyK in the sunroom, which freaks me out a little bit whenever I see it: ohh my gosh, we're actually going to use this stuff!

Okay and this is what it mostly looks like when Timmy tries to take our bump picture...

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  1. As per usual, Soph, this is delightful! You and your commentary, that is. Not so much with the fainting. Take care of yourself!


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