Friday, October 18

When I grow up...

Triggered by this lovely ladies exciting news I found myself wandering in to the trendy flower shop in town. It was a complete whim. I asked if they ran flower classes/courses and they said no - but taking pity on me the lady struck up conversation and said I could come in and watch. It might seem strange but that was one of the most forward things I've done in a while, and it was kinda a thrill. I've been trying to think more about may be doing what I really want to do and what that might be. As well as keeping in mind my goal to be a life focused person not a work focused person. I guess when people say they're doing their dream job and it doesn't feel like work, I don't really believe them. Even playing with flowers or gardening every day would definitely feel like work some days. I think. Right? And I know from my 6 weeks of unemployment over summer that not working isn't the answer to that too - and I know that being self employed isn't the answer to either of those things either (thats a work never stops senario).

So what do I really really truly want to do... ?

I remember my Dad saying to me when I was a young teen that he reckoned you needed to live many lives in order to be happy - maybe he was quoting someone else, I'm not sure. But it's always stuck with me.

So far I've been: a student, a pet shop girl, a receptionist, a checkout chick, a dish pig, a barrista, waitress, bar tender, lighting crew, lighting designer, head electrician, lighting operator, blogger, assistant stage manager, stage manager and production manager (sometimes many at once), lecturer, tutor and supervisor (all in a theatre context)...

So far I've wanted to be: A radio news reader, a photographer, a cleaner (when I was very little and enamored with my grandparents cleaner - I think it was the sense of calm and control), an actor, stage manager, lighting designer, a blogger, a cafe owner, a gardener, a florist, an interior designer, a baker, a mother...

I'm lucky I've done a few of those. But dreams change don't they?... I really liked Tim Minchens speech (did you see it?) about whole heartedly chasing short term goals - that seems sensible to my mind. I'm not a very patient person - I'm a doer and I like things to happen!

So what to do? I dont want to do one of those online floristry courses that teach me how to make hideous bouquets and force me to stick to rules - and the lovely flower shop lady said that formal training would be of no benefit to me in the context of their store anyway. I am ridiculously lucky to be getting some experience next year - I am designing and making the flower arrangements for two dear friends weddings. Since helping with the flowers at this beautiful wedding too, I thought may be it's one of things that I might have an aptitude at - So I'm practicing on my own flowers... and thinking about what step might be next... Horticulture?

Are you chasing your dreams? Do you know what you're doing with your life? Do you think living many lives is a good way to go? Anyone want to employ me to do flowers for them?


  1. Wow, thanks for such an inspiring way to start the weekend Soph. I regularly have no idea what I'm doing, but that's okay right? So long as I just keep 'doing.' I too used to want to be a cleaner when I grew up - there was something about our cleaner Heather that really appealed to me. I wish I had an occasion to organise you to do flowers for me.
    Speaking of Tim Minchin and growing up, watch this:

  2. I'm only in the very baby stages of my "career", but I love being a doctor!
    it most definitely still feels like work though
    I loved c+l's flowers, you have a talent brewing there

  3. Wise words I reckon. Living different lives has surely got to be a rich way to live because then your career will change/grow with you. Really inspiring post Sophie. I went to this talk a while ago: which really stuck with me. In it he talks about the difference between being a wide achiever and high achiever/specialist. Wide achiever when you might work flexible across different fields or do different things at different times. I am definitely in the wide achiever camp... I think you have to remember life is short and they are so many interesting things to do. The floristry would be really cool - I've thought about it a few times but think going to shadow people would be great (And so many of the courses are hideous aren't they?!) Lara x


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