Thursday, May 16

Puppy Love Episode 8*

It with a heavy heart this puppy Love is written. I have introduced you to the marvellous Ollie before. Lola's play mate, my mumma's darling, bouncy, silly, affectionate boy. He was killed this week by eating an animal which had been killed with fox poison - 1080. He was only 2 years old and my mum and the whole family are heartbroken. These amazing creatures are truley family members but also in our charge and care so to have them taken away in such a violent way just seems unfair. There have been many tears and cuddles with the other puppies this week. A collection of the very photogenic boy:


  1. Thats so very sad to hear. i hope everyone is doing ok. Its such a shame that something made for foxes has taken away your Ollie. Our dog passed away from old age when i was little and i cried more over that then when the cat died. Dogs are so very loyal and loving an very hard to forget. \
    Take care

  2. Poor poor Ollie, he was very beautiful. Hugs to you and your family xxx

  3. oh Sophie that is really really sad. I was never a dog owner and probably found it difficult to understand (a relationship between dog and owner) but then when my younger brothers dog got bitten by a snake and died, I was honestly upset for him. So now I can relate and I am honestly upset for your family too.


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