Friday, April 5

Wanted: Gardener jobs.

I wanted to try and take some pictures to post. But I didn't. This is the first job I've ever had where all I can do at work is... work. Weird shit. I seriously don't even browse facebook, let alone blogs at work - I just don't have time. And when I get home there's nothing I feel like less than looking at a computer. What I do is go into the garden. Last night I planted ten brand new baby plants which where delivered from the diggers club. The sun set in its usual glorious pink fashion. The dog was being ridiculously cute, rolling around gurgeling on her back (I'll get footage of it someday for you). No phone, no camera. Just clear air and a clear mind after feeling foggy, headachey and worried all day. Does anyone want to employ me to be a gardener full time?

{Poster from here}

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  1. Sounds wonderful.
    And if I ever become a rich lady you'd be my first pick for full time gardener.


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