Saturday, April 27

Things to be thankful for*

* The 200 bulbs I have planted, and which are already filling my dreams.
* My Smitten Kitchen cookbook arrived! EEEE Thanks Mumma!
* Making some decisions about this blog to abolish the guilt of not writing, of missing it but solving the problem of not having time to blog.
* It's soup weather!
* Babies! I love it when people have babies!
* Fun theatre coming to country towns like this one.
* Friends who are amazing cooks. (and then they feed me!)
* Snuggeling (another bonus of the cold change)

{Our back yard in the afternoon light}

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  1. Hooray for soup weather! :)

  2. snuggling and soup! the joys of cooler weather indeed x

  3. I'm enjoying a bit of soup lately. blogging is only enjoyable if you do it when it suits, cramming it in soon because a chore.

  4. They're lovely gratefuls, and a new cookbook is very exciting!
    Lisa :)


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