Monday, April 29

Little Blue House Tour: Living Room

The living room (as promised). By no means finished (I think it's beginning to dawn on me that perhaps finished doesn't actually exist), but comfy and worthy of a look none the less.

Sofa: Second hand and reupholstered by moi
Arm Chairs: Second hand
Side board: Second hand
Side tables: Ikea
Rug: Spotlight
Fan: Artemis from Beacon lighting (thanks insurance company for those)
Suitcases: Family heirlooms
Cushions: Moi
Blue footstool: Spotlight
Poster: Second hand
Lamp: Officeworks (silver) home made (white frame)
And the big white wall above the fireplace... that's our tv/movie screen (there's a sneaky fabulous projector mounted on the ceiling just out of shot)
Paint: Lexicon quater & Spun Grass (Dulux)


  1. Super cute! Love your sideboard! I don't know if finished exists either, there's always something else it needs. Looks so great! x

  2. I'm in love. Your beautiful little blue house keeps me strong and faithful that one day we will have a beautiful home too. xx

    1. I just know you are going to have the most amazingly beautiful house one day Amy xsx


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