Saturday, February 16

Things to be thankful for*

* Live music! (I am at the Riverboat music festival right now!)
* Last minute opportunities.
* Weddings!
* That our dog loves going to kennels (I don't know what they feed her there??!!) Anyway it makes our heartbreak a bit easier!
* Laughing until your eyes water.
* We've grown a years supply of chillies (at least!)
* Bulldog clips. So useful!
* Valentines gummy bears.

{Picture from my morning run}

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  1. Have fun at the festival! if you run out of ideas for your chillis, you should make hot sauce and give bottles as gifts xx

  2. oh live music where have you gone to? you've been out of my life way too long....

    Yes. Laughing until your eyes water is a good thing (although laughing until your bottom cries has its pitfalls).


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