Tuesday, February 19

It's done

Yesterday we signed the papers. The building company and insurance company is now out of our life! Huzzah! These last few weeks we've been waiting on this:

And this:

Yes. A bevelled mirror (x2) and a door handle.
Which, frankly, just about sums up this whole drawn out process.
But now there's no more tradies unless we call them in. No more when this is finished and this is finished our life will be normal. And finally with a few more slaps of paint here and there I will have some completed rooms to show you around!


  1. you signed the papers! oh my goodness, that's the best news. congratulations to you and tim. now we might have to have a champagne breakfast to celebrate ;)

  2. Hoo - bloomin' - rahh!!!!! So pleased for you guys. xxx

  3. Congratulations! Looking great so far:) And I really enjoyed looking at your Pinterest!

  4. love the door handle. Good for you, enjoy your 'normal'.


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