Saturday, January 26

Things to be Thankful For*

* I was born in a safe, beautiful, democratic country which I love. (Happy Australia Day peeps!)
* I don't have to buy certain things from the shops because we've grown them ourselves.
* All the people travelling to Wagga to celebrate our home with us.
* Brushing my teeth in the bathroom (our new basin arrived at last!).
* We are so so close to being done with insurance companies and tradies.
* Bulk order bulbs.
* Zooper Doopers.
* Icecream.
* Fans.
* Having pictures hanging up around our home.

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{My favourite cups, rediscovered this week in a box in the shed}


  1. Enjoy your celebration, I can only imagine how much this process has made you appreciate what you have.

  2. Lovely! Enjoy your celebrations. Love those cups - they are bringing back sweet childhood memories of my grandparents' house.

  3. I can't wait to rediscover what is in the boxes in our shed ...mostly from a year ago.. Though we have some boxes going back to 2000.
    Some lovely gratefuls , I could add them to my list too.

  4. A lovely list, and hooray for your basin! Enjoy your celebration
    Lisa :)

  5. I love gratitude lists... I also love having pictures up of my family, so nice to walk by and see different times. :)

  6. awesome list!
    icecream's up there for me too at the moment

  7. The cups in your picture remind me of taking drives in our old Kingswood station wagon. Mum always had a leather case of those cups in the glove box and Dad would treat us to a big bottle of sarspirilla which frothed nicely in the aluminium. x

    PS - how's THAT for a random comment?!


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