Tuesday, January 29

The house is warmed...

Our house warming was ... amazing. We had the best time and were so touched by how many people came and stayed all day. We were incredibly blessed to have old Sydney friends come for the weekend and completely overjoyed to be able to look around our pretty backyard and see that yes, we did what we wanted to this year - we made friends. New friends that are already good friends, neighbours, family and dear old friends. What a massive blessing.
I mostly catered the party of 40 and tried to keep it simple.
Our *new* friends made homemade sourdough bread, to dip into my mummas hummus, my homegrown basil & cashew dip and my beetroot dip (recipe to come).
A big wheel of brie.
Capsicum & zucchini quiche and asparagus & mushroom quiche - I don't think anyone noticed that the whole thing was vegetarian (tehe!).
And our other *new* friends made sweet baby blue cupcakes (yes I colour coded the party to match our baby blue house. Ahem.), and we served icecream in cones with sprinkles on top.
PS. I'm hoping to open a few spots to some likeminded peeps to have a banner on my blog as of February, just in that corner up the top there. I'm happy to do a banner swap or there is a small fee - check out the contact section for more details...

{Image 1&2 by the lovely Jude of Lox&Smith, image 3 by the lovely Sonya}


  1. It looks like you had a great time at your house warming. it can be so fun getting together with new and old friends:)

  2. I love spending time with famioy and friends, nothing beats it. So glad everthing went well, natalie xx


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