Tuesday, January 8

Happy New Year!

2013. A complete new beginning for us. Again. A fresh start - with no muddy water dictating our year. I've sorted out my picture situation. The internet's coming tomorrow (and right now the library air conditioning is where it is at - 40degrees is for punks)... How was your CHristmas? Ours was perfect. The best present of all being back home... and the second best being the ENTIRE Footrot Flats collection. What? You hadn't picked me as a comic book fan? Actually I'm not - it's only cartoons of dogs that get me. But boy oh boy do they get me! 

*Our tree.
*Lola with her Christmas bow and squeaky present (now deceased).
*Our garden haul for Christmas dinner. (The parsnips are huge - the length of my forearm - and the carrots are tiny - the length of my finger.)
*The table setting in my Ma & Pa's garden (It was fabulous until the breeze blew all the pepper tree fluff into or dinner and we had to relocate!)
*And Footrot Flats heaven for me!!!!

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