Thursday, January 10


Our bedroom is sandwiched between the dining room and sunroom. Which kind of means it doesn't have any windows. Which is why the whole room and floor are painted white. The cute french doors are awesome though and the sunroom will be our own mini lounge room and dressing room one day. We've been needing a bit of privacy though - I've been dressing tucked in a corner and doing mad dashes in front of windows - but no more! Et voila I made some curtains!
Cute hydrangea cotton voile (How DO you say that word??) is from spotlight. I even did it properly (I prefer cheating when it comes to sewing) with pins and ironing and attempting to cut in a straight line and double folded seams. Uhuh. One job in the massive mountain of jobs ticked off!


  1. so impressive! I love the design and fabric. I always cut corners when I sew.. it never ends well!

  2. Clever! i love that print. it goes so nicely with your house.

    i pronounce it with a 'w' sound after the V. so it would be like vwoile. you don't really say the i.

  3. You did an awesome job Sophie! Love the fabric :)


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