Thursday, August 16

Puppy Love*, Episode 5

It's been a little while since I shared the fur babies with you. Today I thought I'd introduce Ruski. Ruski is my little brothers rescue dog and he has been with our family for a good 8 years or so now. He's a border terrier mostly and like a lot of little dogs he makes up for his size with personality.

Ruski likes things to be the way they always where (Ruski has been known to poo in suitcases).
Ruski doesn't really know how to play.
Ruski is a grumpy old man.
Ruski asks and then jumps up onto your lap - despite this he's not really big on affection.
Ruski rolls over for his tummy to be rubbed and then he growls at you for not doing it right.
Ruski gets away with being on the bed - unlike all the other dogs.
Ruski runs three legged.
Ruski has a secret life and is often spotted trotting away from the neighbors house late at night with an air of superiority.
Ruski catches and kills mice and rats.
We think Ruski might actually be part cat/meerkat. Here he is:
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  1. ruski looks like a true rascal! love him!


  2. I know you a little now and I can most confidently say, I LOVE YOU RUSKI!!!!! :)


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