Wednesday, August 15

Dreaming, Planning, Waiting...

I spent a whole year dreaming and planning about moving into this house while we prepared to leave Sydney. And after a brief holiday of living there (5 weeks) We have now not lived there for 5 months.

And so we dream and dream and plan and hurt and wait. Even my ever so ridiculously patient husbands patience is wearing very thin.

To not go completely mad we have been:

Stripping, sanding and painting our dining table.

Listening to some new music.

Washing and prepping our pantry.

Picking lights and ceiling fans.

Picking colours. Dreaming of our house.

And still no work has started - except the insurance builder put a sign out the front of the house. Surely we must be edging closer. Surely? Surely?

{Just some pictures of Spring beckoning}


  1. I'm so glad you can see the positive things through your frustration in waiting! It must be awful :( Thinking of you both x

  2. Oh I hope it won't be long now til work starts soph, I understand the waiting hoping feeling! Xx


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