Saturday, June 23

Things to be Thankful For*

* My new iPhone! The old (4yrs) one just died - huzzah for upgrading!
* Instant mash - instantly filling - and not really all that disgusting in the grand scheme of super quick food.
* Catching up with friends.
* That being older means people assume you know more.
* Yummy tap water.
* The continuing wrapping paper supply coming to my letterbox!
* My DIY husband who is spending his weekend insulating our walls!
* Honesty.

{image from a trip to Coolamon and my papa's horse Indie}

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  1. Oh go your husband! Honesty I second. Very jealous of the iphone. Sarann xxx

  2. I want an upgrade - wah!!

    Go the insulating husband! Can he come over and do our place next? It's freeeezing here. x

  3. Love my iphone! And adore that first image! x


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