Sunday, June 17

Things to be thankful for*

* Work opportunities blowing my way.
* This week I said to the builder (about 6 times in one sentence) when are you starting?
* The local library. It's quiet and it's free internet.
* All the fresh eggs the chickens are giving us.
* The words thank you.
* Winter seedlings popping up (more broccoli, kale, silver beet and herbs)
* A place to stay in Sydney while I'm working there next week.


  1. When are they starting? Lol!

    I'm a big an of our library too. Free books, what's not to like!?

    Our chickens have STILL not produced a single egg. Next time I'm getting them at point of lay! A friend tells me we'll have to wait until after winter now.

    Ah well. We love them to bis.


  2. I love that image! I hope the building has started! I'm grateful for the words thank you too xx

  3. A lovely list! Thanks for reminding me to think of what I'm thankful for. Newborn + toddler + very late working husband = tired and away with the fairies me.


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