Thursday, June 21

Part 1.

Today it is winter solstice. Half way through the year. Half way through winter.
What a strange year it has been so far.
We had such big dreams. I had been decorating, designing, day dreaming constantly about our new life in the country for a whole year before we moved there. Seriously I have a notebook full of drawings, sketches and lists.
And so in January we moved - we packed up our city life into one truck and drove 5 hours South West. Away from the sea and the big blue sky touched by skyscrapers and towards the rolling hills, the brown river and ancient red gums. The cutest cottage in the village. Our very own baby blue.
We ate pizza the first night we were there. Surrounded by our boxes, a hamper of goodies from my parents, we slept on our mattress on the floor and woke at  six am the next day to glorious golden light streaming in through OUR house. Our home. It felt like home straight away. We bought a ute that day and walked up and down our street that evening with a glass of wine in hand enjoying the stunning sunset.
We spent two weeks unpacking, rearranging, gardening, insulating the roof. We settled on in - it still felt like a holiday and a day dream really. There were first's after firsts. This is the first time of many we will cycle home from my parents place after a few glasses of wine and dinner. This is the first time we have had someone around for a meal. This is the first time we will walk our dog along here...
And then one Friday, 5 weeks in, it got rainy and we decided to get out 4 movies from the library, buy cheese and wine and snuggle in for a whole weekend of us, in our first home together, alone.
Part 2 continues here....


  1. That's beautiful! What lovely memories you have made! X

  2. Is that a (an) horizon in the wine glass?! Gorgeous shot.


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