Monday, May 28

Vege Patch Before & After

Pictures from February after we had just moved in. Way too much grass, not enough veg!

 Marking the space out.
 Me doing the hard work.
Inspector Lola, big pile of grass...
Just waiting for soil... note all our plants waiting to go in a line along the fence!
Now we have 6 beds, the edges of which are made out of very old red gum sleepers we picked up for a song ($5 each). We plan on having a beautiful rotation system, and the winter veg is going in.
 The green manure bed, oats and peas.
 Broccoli, grown from seed in trays and planted out into the beds.
Spinach poking up from the ground!

The whole transformation cost us $120 for sleepers, $130 for top soil and a lot of back breaking time (made better with help from our friends) ripping up that grass, cutting the sleepers to size, screwing them together, and moving the dirt around.


  1. I cannot wait to compare these pics with what it looks like towards the end of spring!

  2. you go!!! i really wish i had the yard space for a garden! maybe someday when i am a homeowner!


  3. well done you two - and many blessings on your vege patch, may it grow in abundance and nourish your hearts as well as bodies xxxx aunty di


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