Wednesday, May 23


We  just had a little anniversary celebration this year. I received this incredibly wrapped incredibly cute teapot and Tim received the number 5 (to go with last years). And we had dinner out at our favorite Sydney restaurant. What with anniversary number 5 being wood - we plan on spending some money on trees for our garden too.
Also tim bought me a panda hat - as my childhood panda was recently errr.... taken by our furry baby Lola and thoroughly... loved.


  1. Congratulations on 5 years! What lovely, special gifts you both chose and I love your panda hat. Pity about the original toy - lucky we love those fur babies ;)

  2. Five years! WOOOOOOOT!!! Congratulations cats, that is awesome. AWESOME! Love your gifts, and really, really love the idea of planting trees. That's terribly romantic. x

  3. Congrats on 5! Those are such sweet gifts, especially the 5. Sorry about your poor panda though :)


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