Friday, February 10

Things to be Thankful for*

* How hysterically fun dogs are.*
* Although she has escaped, twice, she is only interested in going next door to see the neighbours dog.
* Yoga. In particular our new yoga teacher here who looks like a trucker but is incredibly bendy!
* The sheer potential of our garden space.
* A new and surprisingly excellent coffee shop has opened in this town! Woot!
* The stars and how we can see them so brilliantly here.
* The massive Bunnings and Spotlight. So handy when you're setting up home!
* Late night walks to admire the moon with my love.
* Phone chats with faraway friends
* My parents being just around the corner. Lovely.

        * Did I mention... we got a dog?


  1. You're settling in so well. It's a good year this year. x

  2. Dogs are the best! They make any house a home for sure, and bring plenty of laughter.

  3. Congratulations on the dog and welcome to life in the country! It is dreadful when you get sent over to visit someone and then get side tracked by someone else...I've been here a while now and really want to keep coming back to see what you do with that lovely house!!

  4. Dogs are awesome, I miss having one. The moonlight strolls sound divine. The country sky at night is so lovely, enjoy. =)


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