Monday, February 13

Introducing: Lola

Me: Hey Lola this is my blog.
Lola: Can I chew it?
Me: No please don't chew it Lola, meanwhile please take Tim's sock out of your mouth.
Lola: Me? Sock? What? Oh you mean this old thing... why... I didn't even know.
Me: hmmmm, you're lucky you're so cute.
Lola: I know.

Lola was at Yass pound. The pound recognised a dog with potential and called ARF, a Canberra rescue organisation and they collected her. We bought her off them. She's a german shepherd crossed with who knows what else! She's about 7 months old, enjoys taking us for walks, is scared of the broom, the vacuum cleaner and the lawn mower, likes anything soft and chewable, chasing us as we chase the ball and people. Seriously, worst guard dog ever! She's the new addition to our family and is enourmously helping with our country folk cred.

{Whoops seems like Lola fully took over my blog for a few hours there, all fixed now!}


  1. omg. she is beautiful, and so naughty! like every good dog should be.


    1. So So Naughty Sami! Thank you though, Lola would give you a big sloppy lick right now if she could! *s*


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