Wednesday, January 25

So far...

Every evening there has been a glorious pink sunset.
Every morning golden light streams through the front of the little blue house.
It's marvellous. There is so much to do, and the sheer weirdness of setting up (read: unpacking haphazardly!) a house of our own, the quietness and the sense of disbelief that all this is actually ours means that I don't yet really believe that it's all true. Meanwhile some sexy shots of our sunsets, sunrises and the little blue house.


  1. Lovely! It's always great to have a house! I'm lucky enough to be renting in sydney a house for the price of a granny flat where the friendly landlord lets us do pretty much what we like! And its a large (for sydney) plot of land with trees and trees, yet family and multicultural shops aren't far away!

    After living in Bathurst though, I totally understand the joy you would be having over moving to wagga wagga and having your own house!

    So I say ENJOY!!!!!!!!


  2. Oh heaven, a place of your own! looking forward to more pics of the blue house, enjoy it!

  3. Those sunset photos made me go WOW (out loud!). Lovely light in all of them.

  4. Gorgeous shots ... it looks like you've found yourself in a wonderful and very beautiful part of the world.

    PS. You're making me more than a little jealous! ;)


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