Sunday, December 18

Sunday, Sunday

Don't you love it when one person suggests scones and another suggests gin and then it all comes together in beautiful harmony? Thought so. I brought the straws.


  1. Ah, sounds perfect!

  2. Love an impromptu picnic and your looks heavenly!
    Mighty fine straws too ;)

  3. Yay for holidays!! I am finally on mine too! Not only did I not have time to blog when I was working full time but also didn't have time to peruse other great blogs like yours. I gasped a little gasp when I saw that brown paper package tied up with - confetti! Will be stealing that idea for family and friends gifts! Hope you are having a ridiculously happy December!

  4. Gin and scones ... what a wonderful combination!! Sometimes things just come together beautifully. xx

    PS. Now I'm not sure if I want to eat something or get drunk! ;)


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