Thursday, December 22

Christmas Dinner.

We had an early Christmas dinner with my family while we were away on holiday with them. It's so nice relaxing somewhere new and different for everyone. We settled into a big old beachy house on the Sapphire coast. I decorated the table with what I could find around me, grasses, ivy, agapanthas and gardenias from the garden, sea shells and those grassy balls from the beach and everything else happened to be in the house. As we are all vegetarians (except for my brother) we cooked up a huge plate of slow roasted veggies (potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, zucchini and capsicum), my ma made a nut roast with cranberry sauce. Chocolate red wine cake with brandy butter, raspberries and cream for dessert. Oh and wine. And port. And chocolate.
Afterwards we watched Red Dog. Have you seen that movie? Man, I damn near cried the whole way through. I'm so sentimental about animals!
Coming up this week, more chocolate, more family, more christmas dinner.


  1. Such a beautiful 'tablescape'. I would love to be sitting down to a meal with beloved friends and family right there. x

  2. So beautiful. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch Red Dog yet. I think i'll be sobbing and hugging my dog at the same time. Happy new year!


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