Thursday, October 13


Wow. It's a wrap. It's done. I'm unpacked. The washing is in. The marking is complete.. er almost. I've been anxious about the month that's been for a while now. Been looking anxiously towards it. And now it's done. I had a moment in the middle of it all, where I sat back, looked at the work in front of me and at what I had already done and went. "Wow. Here I am. And it's okay. Enjoy this moment." And man is that something I need to do a little more, always looking forward never just being in the present. Does anyone else do this too?

ps. There's a little questionnaire going on my f'book page... please head over and lemme know whatcha think?!

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  1. I don't have fb so can't vote but can put my 2cents in here. I love that your blog is a delicious-mashy-mix of lots of things. I always really like real life posts (not in a freaky voyeuristic/vicariously-living-as-sophie way). And your vegetarian pie recipe was amazing so more of those please!
    Congradulations on finishing up an epic work stint. Hope you enjoy some nice sleeps/cups of tea/garden pottering/outdoor adventures before any more workattacks.


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