Wednesday, October 26

Teeth, Magazines & Money

Yesterday I went to the dentist. It was all good. Thank goodness. But man, the old clean hurts SO MUCH! Luckily my new Tigers had turned up when I got home to cheer me up, huzzah for aqua laces! And I may have bought myself a magazine because I felt like I, err... deserved it, and I can't stand the thought of eating chocolate right now on my hurty, shiny, clean teeth (the usual reward). Do you reward yourself for unpleasant things you have to do too? "Well I've just done the washing... time for a tim tam and a cup of tea..." That's how I justify all my magazines pretty much.
We've just started a "puppy fund jar" for a potential new family member. Luckily for our relationship we are both big proponents of the save before you spend method. Jars make saving feel more real I find. Couple that with there being nothing like your imaginary puppy's eyes looking at you disappointedly when you only put 2 bucks in the jar (of left over spending money) at the end of the week. "Don't you love me, potential mummy?"
When we got our mortgage I had to view the whole thing as a giant backwards savings account where you want the numbers to go down instead of up, in order to cope with the idea of being in so much debt!
I was trying to find out which generation is in the most debt and, if you ask google, it turns out we all are. I guess this proves that a) you can get the internet to tell anything you want it to and b) many (most?) folks are happy to buy on credit. The way I see it is you've got to pay for it at some point and the less extra money I'm giving bank executives, the better. Plus, y'know, practising patience is good for the soul. Doesn't stop me buying magazines I don't really need though! Ha!

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