Wednesday, October 19


Ways to kill time when you suddenly have it:

* Read the entire newspaper (get slightly depressed)
* Do the crossword
* Finish the crossword by cheating and using a dictionary (ahem)
* Look through old magazines
* Plan meals
* Drink tea
* Make a dentist appointment
* Refind all those long lost sewing projects...
* Clean up after frustrating and messy attempts at long lost sewing projects
* Get distracted by a box of letters you had forgotten about
* Catch up with friends
* Drink tea
* Bake
* Make lists.

Sweet Pegs
Beautiful Mobile.

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  1. i read the paper every sunday morning at my boyfriends house cause he's always sleeping in, and i too get sad. So i read the wedding and baby section and this cheers me up. sappy i know!


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