Tuesday, October 18

Eggplant Stack

This is yum. Heaps yum.

You Need:
* 2 red capsicum (pepper/bell pepper)
* 1 large eggplant (aubergine)
* 1 can diced tomatoes
* 100gs black pitted olives chopped small
* 4 large cloves garlic, crushed
* 1 tsp dried Italian herbs
* 1/2 cup red wine (and one large glass for yourself)
* 1 tsp vege stock powder
* Parmesan (fresh is best but the powdered stuff works!)
* Rocket leaves to serve

* Chop up your capsicum into nice large slices. I sugget cutting off the bottom and then trying to evenly cut off the sides, discard the middle. Slice your eggplant into disks. I guess keep it about the same thickness as the capsicum is; half a centimetre or so.
* Put these all flat on a tray (its okay if they overlap) and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with a little salt. Put it under the griller on a medium heat and shut the door (to speed things along). After about 10 minutes you are going to want to flip them over. You want it to just start blackening on its sides.
* In a saucepan, fry up the crushed garlic for a minute then pour in the canned toms. Sprinkle in a big pinch of your Italian herb mix, and your stock. Splosh in the wine and add the olives, give it a stir and let it simmer away for about half an hour or until it has reduced and thickened, stirring occasionally.
* When your eggplant and capsicum are done take them out of the griller, seperate them and set them aside. When your sauce is done, you start stacking. I stacked mine on the griller tray so that I could give it all one last blast with the grill before serving. I managed to make three stacks but you may wanna make 2 big ones.
* On the tray put a slice of eggplant, then a slice of capsicum and then just a little sauce and sprinkle with parmesan. Repeat once.
* Top with a final piece of eggplant and capsicum (if you had some smaller bits these are good on top), sprinkle with parmesan (skip the sauce on top) and pop it back in the griller for 5 minutes so it's nice and hot and the cheese goes a touch melty (mmm melty).
* With the left over sauce pop a circle onto the middle of each persons plate and then pop the stack on top of it. Serve with the rocket, it all tastes great together. Huzzah!


  1. I do believe you are right! Bookmarking now!! x

  2. This looks love love lovely! I wish it would just miraculously appear here, I am a slovenly non-cooker pasta eater at the minute, thank you for a nice dinner idea!

  3. Seriously going to make this :)


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