Saturday, August 20

Things to be thankful for*

 * Sunshine
* Friends that stop by because they were in the neighbourhood
* Having nothing to do.
* Blog comments (you guys make my day!)
* Babies! (and lovely people having them!)
* No  commuting this coming week!
* Records only cost a dollar but have a full album on them.
* Op shops. (thrift stores)
* There are enough people buying new cars for there to be loads of second hand cars for sale.

{Just some pics from around the garden}

More thankfulness at Maxabella...


  1. What a lovely thankful list :)

    I have been mighty thankful for some sunshine this week after what seems like weeks of rain...and I can't pass by an op shop within ducking inside for a rummage.

  2. When friends just 'pop in' because they are close by. It's such a delight to get an unexpected visitor - unexpected sunshine is also welcome! x

  3. Fabulous things to be grateful for, for sure.
    Your images today are terrific and straight away I had the lyrics of Paul Kelly's "From Little Things Big Things Grow" in my mind.

    Happy Day Lovely!

    xx Felicity


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