Wednesday, August 17

Considering I slept on a train last night and was woken at sparrows fart by the lights being turned on and the announcement we were almost at  Campbelltown (hoo-flippin-ray - No offence Cambelltownians, but that's still a long way from Sydney) I feel I've been pretty peppy and productive today.
Emails done, invoice sent, banking done, bedroom cleaned and tidied (vacuum-ing - now there's a novel idea!), lunch with hubby, washing up, bike cleaned...
So much so that I reckon at the ripe time of 3pm I'm going to throw in the towel for the day, snuggle up in bed with my book, some music playing and this wet, grey Sydney day firmly in it's place outside my window.

{Pictures of sweet mini urchins found on the beach.}

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