Thursday, July 21

My creative space.

So by popular request (erm... one request) here's how to make a plain ol' twig that fell from the councils tree into my yard into an exciting mantelpiece feature!
1. Collect an interesting and smooth twig/stick, that will sit nicely on a mantelpiece or in a jar. Mine is about 50cm long.
2. Pick out some embroidery thread in a selection of colours. It uses quite a lot of thread so make sure you have a full amount of the colours you want the most of.
3. Turn on a tv show that doesnt require too much of your attention.
4. Pull an inch or so of thread out of all your thread bundles and put them all in a line and hold them against the bottom (the least visable part of your stick when it is lying in the position it balances in) of the stick with your left thumb. Make sure they are all flat in a row not twisted and on top of each other.
5. With the first colour you want, start wrapping it around the twig and going over the treads as well. Keep the threads underneath neat.
6. Do it for as long as you like and then switch threads when you are ready, tucking the one you had been doing in with the ones lying flat.
7. Start the next episode of your tv show and keep on winding.
8. Once you get the last wrap of a colour wind over it with the next colour for a good centimetre and then snip. Essentially as you get towards the end of your stick you will be wrapping over less and less threads.
9. For the last thread just tuck the last wrap under the previous and tie it in a knot on itself.

**Do let me know if any of that isn't clear and DO show me yours if you make one!**

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  1. So awesome! Who'd have thought twigs could be so pretty! I'm going to keep an eye out for the right twig & give it a go!

  2. beautiful...lovely almost tribal looking project...might try it with driftwood! thanks for sharing the idea

  3. thats amazing - I'm seeing twigs in a whole new light :)

  4. What a fab idea. Simple but beautiful. I reckon I could get my little boy to have a go too. Thanks! Laura x

  5. Thanks guys!! Show me a picture if you do it! *s*

  6. i love that! I have a whole box of emroidery thread form the local oppy all colour sorted and on wrapped onto little cards, should be a great use for some.


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