Monday, July 18

Mantelpiece Monday

Our living room mantelpiece gets a revamp whenever I spend much time in there (which isn't heaps to be frank) I'm hardly ever satisfied with it. I'm inspired by Estelle to try and mix things up a little more now. We have a mantel in the kitchen too...
Here we have our houseplant called Godfrey, a succulent with a party umbrella stuck in its pot (left over from my Mexican party I think), a twig wrapped in colourful thread (a project of mine inspired by seeing it somewhere and going; I could do that), my housemates bunch of flowers for her birthday, the mirror I found at the op shop, my giraffe from South Africa, a tin monkey (contributed by another housemate) and a wooden box with an art piece inside it (a housemate art school project).

Join in with Mantelpiece Monday over at Fortune Favours.


  1. Funny, but 'Godfrey' is a particularly suculentish kind of name don't you think? I love that he has an umbrella, very culturally sensitive of you ;)
    I want to try twig wrapping, was it easy? Did you encounter any difficulties, you should do a Sophie tutorial...please
    I love that your mantel has a little bit of everybody on it. That's how I first started thinking about this mantel meme. I kept thinking about how when I lived in share houses, no matter how lovely or run down or even 'squattish' they were, we always decorated our mantelpieces. I think mantels might be alters to personal story telling...that's just what I think anyways.
    Kitchen Mantel next week please! I love your kitchen :)


  2. Hey Soph, dont forget to add your lknk to the blog so we can all check it out.

  3. lovely :) I'm sending YOU something very soon (as soon as I get off my butt and go to the post office) that you can add to your mantle!

  4. cute mantle. one in the kitchen too, now that sounds interesting! I would love to change mine around a bit, but where would I put everything I have there now??? and Vic would think he was in the wrong room if all his favs weren't in exactly the ''right '' spot !


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