Tuesday, July 12

How it went...

Today at work in my lunch break I walked past kangaroos. 
Today at work when my second year students left, they said "That was great, thanks". 
You couldn't wipe the dirty great big smile off my face. Enhanced by "I told you so" by husbando and then amazing food cooked by my dad. No pictures I'm afraid chaps! But... phew, huh?! Now I just need this to turn into a permanent job and I can really start dreaming about our house and garden and the next stage of our life, instead of dreaming about it... but as a maybe.
It's scary how much work I have to do though, as well as writing my next lot of lectures for the uni, I'm also doing lighting console training, plus casual lighting operating around Sydney... the blog blog may stay neglected for a little while longer yet.


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