Saturday, July 23

Things to be thankful for*

 * Equal rights for men in the military. Thanks Obama.
* My house hasn't leaked from the most constant rain Sydney has had in 61 years (apparently).
* How happy the compost heap is.
* Muled wine. Glorious glorious mulled wine.
* Sleeping in to the sound of rain. Heaven.
* Yoga. For the first time in a while.
* Nice late night chats with my parents.
* Free art gallerys.

{At last a break in the Sydney clouds, amusing graff, an interesting wall, beautiful art, morning mist}

More thankfulness over at Maxabella via BabyMac today!


  1. All VERY good things no doubt! The rain was a pain but it was SO nice to listen to when you are in bed at night!

  2. Oh yes, that bloody, bloody awful rain... mulled wine!! You're a genius 8jumps up and rushes to kitchen.
    Thank goodness for a bit of sun today, even put some washing on the line!

  3. I can't believe that rain has finally let up. SO thankful for that. Such poignant captures you have here. So lovely.
    Ronnie xo


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