Sunday, June 26

Things to be thankful for*

* My cousins wedding today! Congratulations!
* The spread our play got in the paper today.
* Acupuncture. I had it for the first time yesterday and it worked a treat.
* I dinner party to bake dessert for.
* Getting freebies for our show.
* The glorious glorious winter sunshine!
* TV shows like "go back to where you came from"
* The governement provides rubbish disposal and recycling.
* Cake. All cake. Any cake.

{Imge 1, Image 2}
I made that cake for my housie recently. It rocks!

Join in over at Maxabella...


  1. I am also a fan of 'Go Back' - so thought provoking, but I wonder if the people it was really aimed at even watched it?

    Acupuncture works magic, but I have to brace myself every single time. I just can't get over the needle thing and if I think about it too much I would never go!! x

  2. I am absolutely with you on the cake front. Any time, any place. And that picture really makes me want some right now xx

  3. I love your love for cake. Every time I see cake, I think of you. I think we ought to meet one day and eat cake.
    Pepper x


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