Monday, June 27

On my nightstand...

I've seen lots of nice pictures of peoples bedside tables and what they are reading recently. Here's my contribution!
Charlotte Grey has been on my 'to read' list for ages. I was given the Bicycle Book for my birthday and have already flicked through the pictures in the middle, can't wait to get stuck in. And the David Mitchell I sneakily got signed at the writers festival. I accosted David when he was speaking at my theatre in a back corridor!
I keep little bits like lip balm in the teacup next the bed, and on the other side of the nightstand... the perfect corner to store wrapping paper in a share house!


  1. I love that you're using a tea cup to store bits and bobs by your bed. Such a cute idea!

  2. the tea cup idea is great, I'm always loosing my lipbalm at night.

    I've been wanting to read Charlotte Gray, how are you finding it?

    btw, how's the play going?

  3. I like the tea cup idea too! I try to keep my in a little Lidan basket from IKEA in my dresser so it's always 'findable.' But tea cup is a lot cuter!
    On my reading list - to re-read the final Harry Potter book before the movie comes out!

  4. I love seeing what other people read ... I'd love to give David Mitchell's book a read. :)


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