Monday, May 30

Wish listing...

Well some time in the coming weeks it might be my birthday... and being a picky and controlling person I like to drop hints...

The flavour thesaurus.

This bag.
This ring. (I love pears)
A bicycle basket. (to prevent sweaty back syndrome)
 A pair of shoes from The Horse.
A radio and iphone speaker dock.
A frock.
 A swish umbrella.

Cake. Pretty cake.

I'll always keep on asking for a puppy.
A dinosaur succulent.

Any of these would suffice...


  1. Oh gosh. That pear ring is so adorable!

  2. oh man i want a succulo-saurus. how awesome.

  3. the gears in my mind are turning!

  4. omg that puppy is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute

  5. if you dont get that puppy i will have it!!! sooo cute!!

    Sarah Joy x


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