Saturday, May 28

Things to be thankful for*

* The breakfast in bed my boy made for me.
* Finally getting a sleep in.
* Two more weeks at work.
* It's birthday season in our household, and that means CAKE!
* The experience of being on an interview panel.
* My first red lipstick. Actually my first lipstick really.
* Compliments from strangers about my bike. Makes me smile.
* I live in a country of peace.
* Autumn leaves. Gosh I love them.
* Staying up later than we should and having midnight snacks with my boy.

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  1. I'm loving the colours of the autumn leaves at the moment too, can't get enough of them! Some lovely things on that list... I'm counting down the work days too:)

  2. enjoy your lipstick! how fabulous choosing 'red' to be your first! BOLD!

  3. i always stay up later than I should and am a big fan of midnight feasts. Lashings of ginger beer and jam sandwiches, right?

    I have never ever worn red lipstick, enjoy it!

    Loving the crayons in the jar pic

    Gill xo


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