Saturday, April 9

Things to be thankful for*

* Pencil and paper and the time I can kill happily with just those two things.
* The glorious sunshine. Summer is having one last hoorah!
* My brand spanking new bicycle. (check back in on Monday!)
* Little bits of extra work.
* Another two day weekend ahead.
* Plums.
* The stash of my favourite things to eat husband bought me last night.
* Cardigans.
* Ping pong!
* That amazing whale photo which is blowing my mind.

Ps. As of right now I have 2000 pictures pinned on pintrest. yeah, I know right!


  1. A whale photo I really love:
    (in case you needed some MORE pictures to pin)

  2. Today is definitely a day full of thankfulness for:

    1. The large cup of tea which is currently working its magic on my hangover
    2. The spring breeze blowing through the window - we've had a few days of glorious summer sunshine and today looks like it's going to be another one!
    3. Three whole days off in a row! Haha!
    4. Spending my well-earned fun points by going to see my awesome friends performing the things they do best
    5. Dressing up for Date Night with the hottest man I know
    6. The smell of the gorgeous spring flowers my man bought me are filling the living room with joy
    7. The last two and a half weeks of work (without a single day off) are going to pay for a brand new bicycle! (and new clothes!)
    8. The Saturday Guardian - all I need to entertain me today

  3. Awesome list Cazzy! Saturday newspapers are the best!!!


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