Monday, April 11


It's so much easier to 'get back on the horse' when it's a brand spanking new horse. This is my new bike tentatively called storm for now ( cheesy I know but it is an inanimate object so it's okay, she's not gonna get bullied in school or nothin'). She's been in the pipeline for a while now... well ever since I've been coveting husbando's lovely one. She's made from a vintage lugged frame, powder coated just for me, 12 speed, deep v rims in white, brown Brooks saddle, brown faux leather (less slippery, more cheap, more soft) grip tape... oh and ridiculously light, speedy and awesome. 
Sarah from Stallion bikes (in Redfern) made her for me. I told her the kind of thing I was after and she was super enthusiastic, really helpful, down to earth and genuine. She cares about her product and her customers and the price was really fantastic.
I'm keeping well clear of car doors, and loving the feeling of riding again, being a free woman and turning up on time to things! Please indulge my bike fashion shoot... but ain't she pretty?!
Oh and in honor of all things bicycle. It is now bike week on shinelittlelight* I have heaps of bicycle related posts lined up for you to enjoy! Hoorah!


  1. Oh golly, she's so beautiful! Incredibly lovely! Surely makes getting back into things that little bit easier. Glad you're back at it and mending up! x

  2. sophie this bike is SO SO nice! it was lovely to finally meet you this morning. enjoy riding aaaand your day off! x

  3. She's so pretty. This is exactly what I'm looking for. There was some bike festival going on a few blocks down my street today and I so wanted to go but I have yet to get a bike. Glad you're riding again and yay for bike week!!


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